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Services - Wax & Tint


Hair today, gone today. Our extra-gentle formula removes hair at the root so re-growth takes longer. With each treatment and time, hair becomes finer and less dense.

Brow $25
Lip $10
Chin $10
Chops $10
Face (lip, chin and chops) $25
Armpits $20
Legs half $35 full $75
Bikini $30
Ipanema - island-style bikini $45
Brazilian - lose the island $60
Dirty Hairy (back) $45
Knuckles free
Nose-Sicles $10
Ear Pops $10
Arm Wax $35

"Miss Violet asks you to discontinue Retin-A and Differin use one week prior to facial waxing."


Tinting lets you forgo the makeup with a semi-permanent solution to darkening lashes and eyebrows. Each application lasts three to four weeks.

Eyelash $25

After this, just one flicker of your dreamy eyelashes will get you three Cosmopolitans delivered to your table, pronto.

Eyebrows $15

Brighten your eyes and add depth (even if you're feeling shallow). Add a brow wax for even more vavoom.

Bodywrap Testimonial

Scrubs & Wraps

1 hr $120

Call it body candy. You’re gently polished with sugar and essential oils. The result: your skin will be intensely hydrated and feeling like buttah, dahling. Heaven.

20 min $45
HAIRBALL (for men)
20 min $45

Scintillating scalp treatment: Imagine someone stroking your hair, then rubbing warm botanical oils into your scalp to deeply moisturize and nurture this oh so sensitive area. You’ll feel so good, it won’t matter that you look like Kramer as you stammer out the door. Better yet, bring a hat and have someone drive you home to nap.

50 min $75

UltraViolet Infrared Wrap: This low-fat, sugar-free shrink-wrap is a modern elixir for fat shrinking and pain relief. It’s hailed to burn up to 1200 calories in one sitting, improve blood circulation, boost immunity, eliminate toxins and slip you into that little black dress you’ve been admiring. Also helps minimize achy joints, cellulite and cold tootsies.

Infrared heat follows the same frequency levels as our own body heat, and is safe to use. The result is deep- heat penetration not possible with other methods of heating.

45 min $90

We’ll care for that often-neglected side of your body by exfoliating and deep pore cleansing, followed by a soothing antibacterial mask. Perfect for teens, sports enthusiasts or anyone with problem skin on their back.

Skin | Body | Lashes | Manicure & Pedicure | Tattooing

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