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Dry Skin vs. Oily Skin

I have naturally oily skin. What can I do to help my face not shine so much without drying it out?


Being oily is not necessarily a bad thing, think less wrinkles as you age. I know that as the day progresses an overbearing shine can be annoying. Start your morning with a good gel cleanser ( Dermalogica has Special Cleansing Gel ) a nice astringent, ( Exuviance's Morning Bionic Tonic ) and a light sunscreen ( Neostrata's Daytime SPF 15 ). If that is not effective try an oil free product that will help absorb shine (Dermalogica has an oil free lotion that has microsponges that absorb oil). You want to then apply a makeup that will help minimize shine and that you can apply throughout the day without the concern of creating breakouts. Colorscience has mineral makeups that are awesome and can be applied all day long without congesting you and have an added bonus of a SPF of 20. Cheers.

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